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About me

About me

I am Nelly Sugar, and I am glad that you are browsing my work on my Website.

Originally I am Ukranian-Hungarian; I was born in a little town in Ukraine just close to the border with Hungary and I was lucky enough to grow bilingual as my dad always spoke to us in Russian and my mom in Hungarian all the time; but now I live in London in the United Kingdom. I came in 2009 to discover and learn a new culture and language; I fell in love with the place and people and now I contribute with my art and business to the UK society.

I was always fascinated with people and what their stories were; I qualified as a nurse and used to work in the healthcare sector, but I always felt that my passion was to capture meaningful moments in life. I started as an amateur photographer with a compact camera, but that was not enough and in 2017 with the support and encouragement of my family, I decided to become a professional photographer and successfully graduated as such in 2019 from one of the best schools in the country: the renown British Academy of Photography

During my studies I explored many photography genres like travel, documentary, macro, still life, and fashion among others. Every single genre has its magic and is very interesting and fascinating, but in the end I discovered that working with people was the most rewarding experience of all. Portrait in general - be it family or single person or in action or posing- allowed me to capture deep expressions that came out of their souls. That is why I love my job.

Holding my camera and looking through the lens triggers a story; this story becomes timeless and that moment captured in that image becomes unforgettable. This is the real reason why photography is not just pressing a button, but you make art out of the moment.